Rubber Flooring

Size&Thickness: 500mm*500mm,15mm- 70mm
1000mm*1000mm, 15mm-70mm  
Material:  Recycled SBR rubber and
colored EPDM virgin rubber flecks
Color: Black wtth EPDM Colored Fleck Optional

Gray , Blue ,Green, Red , Black

Packing: Pallet Packing with Wrapping Film

Suitable for free weights, weight-lifting and
crossfit areas. They provide increased
durability, improved shock absorption and
impact sound isolation.
Designed to provide increased shock
absorption by means of special profiled
backing. Suitable for free weights areas
and especially where Olympic weights
are lifted

• Available in a wide variety of color options;
• Abrasion resistance and unmatched durability;
• Vibration reduction and shock absorbent
• Slip resistant and sound-proof;
• Non-toxic ,non-polluting ,anti-fouling,no breed
bacteria, no stimulation to the human body
• Easy for installation, perfect choice for DIY
• Weather resistance ,temperature resistance ,
strong UV resistance