ALA Factories

ALa company with more than10 years of experience in the field of recycling, conversion and production of plastic-related goods, this company is now one of the largest industrial groups in Iran. Simultaneous operation of 5 factories shows the ability and integrated management of this organization.

Research & Development

The need to develop or improve products and production processes met by R&D function our R&D team has adopted a dynamic strategy to keep pace with these rapidly changing opportunities and challenges, whether it's about producing , convenience

Carton Making Facilities

We can supply all our customers with their desired cartons, printing any specific info on them (Name, Address, Logo) according to the customers’ needs.

Customer Care

We appreciate your feedback.In case of any questions, price inquiry, samples or whatever you may need from us feel free to contact us 7/24 a whole team is at your disposal.


The company's first plant was tire recycling and production of rubber granules, which . began in 2012 to help improve the environmet . The obtained product is used in flooring and artificial grass industries .After that, with the opening of the factory of rubber flooring and foam flooring, the company's product portfolio became bigger . By receiving the Iranian certificate as well as the CE certificate, we were able to enter the markets of different countries . Now our flooring has stable exports to different countries, including: Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, UAE , Qatar.

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Email : Call : (+98) 914 2264889 – (+98 41) 35258751 Fax : (+98 41 ) 35258751