About Us

ALAFloor Co

ALAFloor Company started working in 2013 with the aim of helping the environment and solving the problem of excessive accumulation of used tires by opening a unit of a used tire recycling plant. Years later, with the advancement of technology and the updating of devices, we were able to start a truck tire recycling line in the company so that we can recycle truck tires from nature in addition to the problem of passenger car tires. Azar Rubber Asia Company now has the ability to recycle more than 2000 tons of tires every year with the use of expert technicians and up-to-date equipment.

After years of continuous efforts and continuous increase in the productivity of the factory, with the opening of the flooring production unit, we were able to prevent the raw sale of recycled granules and take a big step towards helping to equip clubs and children’s playgrounds.


During its activity, Azaran Rubber Asia Company has been able to produce all types of flooring with sizes, molds, colors, standards and thicknesses by using all kinds of marketing knowledge, market research, and product development to meet the needs of consumers with to satisfy different tastes.

Acquiring different standards and certificates in the field of production of various types of flooring has made the customers of ALAFloor Company to be able to buy from this company safely.

Throughout the entire period of activity of ALAFloor Company, the goal of the top managers of this company has been to continuously improve the quality and maximum customer satisfaction of the products.

Company Personnel

Strategy And Vision

ALAFloor Company started its work by using the new science of sales as well as constant monitoring of all kinds of markets with the aim of conquering and being present in the big markets of the world.

Along the way of development, we were accompanied by very big ups and downs, and after years of effort and persistence and not giving up on producing quality products for global markets and obtaining international standards, in addition to meeting the needs of the country, we were able to Make the name of Iran and Iranians famous in the world.

Now all the products of ALAFloor Company are being sold in the bazaars of big drawers such as Turkey, Russia, Georgia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries.

Presence and competition in most of the above markets and competition with big and famous brands of the world was unattainable except with effort, diligence and attention to quality.

In the coming years, we promise Iran and Iranians that our products will have an active presence in many European and American countries.

Hoping for Iran, hoping for success.