Tatami flooring

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The tatami flooring of Azar Rubber Asia Company, designed and produced according to international standards and approved by the Martial Sports Federation, has been able to gain popularity among athletes and sports lovers.

In recent years, these floorings have been used not only for martial arts clubs, but also for homes, kindergartens, parks and indoor playgrounds for children, and physiotherapy clinics.

By creating a soft and flexible surface, this flooring can prevent injuries for all age groups who are likely to be injured due to contact with the ground. Disabled people, the elderly and the disabled are among this category.

Another place where the use of tatami flooring is suggested is places where pets are kept, including cats and dogs.

Characteristics of tatami flooring

  • A soft and elastic product
  • Using happy and varied colors
  • Installing and moving flooring even for beginners
  • Easy to wash without changing the color and size of the flooring
  • Possibility of choosing various thicknesses based on needs
  • Possibility of ordering a floor covering in two different colors (two sides) for the possibility of changing the design of the club
  • The presence of a tread to prevent slipping

Types of tatami flooring

  • Normal tatami flooring with a size of 1*1 meter
  • Federation tatami flooring with size 1×1 meter
  • Kindergarten patterned floor with size 33 x 33 cm

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