Rubber granules

A product obtained from the recycling of worn tires.

Every year, thousands of tons of used tires are removed from the cycle of use and added to the waste and garbage collection sites of every city.

Tires are one of the products that do not decompose in the earth for thousands of years. Therefore, it should either be recycled and returned to the cycle of optimal use, or it should be buried in the ground as worthless waste or burned. It is obvious that digging and burying in the ground has its own environmental pollution, and sometimes these damages are irreparable.

In 2013, ALAFloor Company, in order to help the environment, by building a recycling plant and converting materials, was able to help the environment and prevent excessive pollution of the environment.


What is granule made of ?

Rubber granules are obtained from the recycling of two types of passenger and truck tires.

Uses of rubber granules

Car tire granules are used to produce granular flooring, car rubber parts, artificial grass, isogam, bitumen and diesel production.

Rubber granule sizing

  • size below one millimeter (rubber powder)
  • Size 1 to 3 mm
  • Size 3 to 5 mm

In this video, you can see part of the process of loading rubber granules in the production factory of ALAfloor company.

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