...In this article, we will introduce artificial grass to you

Artificial Grass :

Today, due to the amount of water reduction around the world and the cost of maintaining natural grass, many countries have replaced natural grass with artificial grass.
In this regard, not only sports fields but also city squares, streets and parks are looking to change natural grass to artificial grass.
The government’s policy is to preserve more water resources and financial resources, so this type of grass is not seen in the cities or villages.

چمن مصنوعی شرکت آذر لاستیک آسیا

Artificial grass is generally divided into two categories: football grass and decorative grass.

Decorative artificial grass:

This decorative product is suitable for all places where natural grass was used before, such as parks, gardens, villas, kindergartens, children’s playgrounds, houses, roof gardens, rooftops, main city squares, etc. ..

As mentioned above, this product, like natural grass, changes the visual space of the city and the place of residence, with the difference that there is no need for very high annual costs to maintain the grass.

The size and height of these grasses start from 8 mm and can be changed up to 30 mm, and there are many models, colors and designs in this type of grass, from the autumn model to the model suitable for the golf course!

چمن تزئینی شرکت آذر لاستیک آسیا

Artificial football grass:

One of the things that has been given a lot of attention not only in Iran but all over the world is changing natural grass to artificial grass.

This grass is available in fiber height of 25 to 50 mm in different colors and models.

Eliminating constant and daily watering, eliminating successive pruning, heavy maintenance and most importantly helping to maintain available water are the characteristics of this grass.

چمن مصنوعی شرکت آذر لاستیک آسیا

...ALAFloor Company and artificial football turf

ALAFloor Company, relying on its long-standing experience and using installation experts over the years, has installed and delivered a large number of artificial grass fields around the world and has taken an important step in the change and transformation of the football industry.

The installation and delivery of various famous clubs in the country such as Al-Ghadir Naja Stadium, Mes Rafsanjan Stadium, Rasool Khatibi Stadium, Karim Bagheri Stadium and several other national projects are among the experiences of this company.

The use of high-quality raw materials, installation by experienced professionals and up-to-date installation devices have made this company more famous and satisfied with its valued customers.